The Book of Abrasax

The Book of Abrasax

A Grimoire of the Hidden Gods

By: M.C.

Publication date: November 2014
ISBN: 9781957758107
Book Type: Soft Cover, Online eBook

Title information

From the award winning author of Crossed Keys comes this spectacular work detailing an ancient and once fully developed system of magick, which fused transcendent rites of evocation and initiation with practical workings for attainment of wealth and power, languished for several centuries, all but disappearing into obscurity and existing only in scattered bits and pieces presented in academic or anthropological studies of ancient religions. A practicing magician, Cecchetelli stays close to the original texts from which he draws, while making changes, additions, and insertions when practically called for. Cecchetelli understands that the needs of the academic and the needs of the Magus are not always the same and that former scholarly translations were aimed at simple literal translations. He has the intelligence, wisdom, and daring to alter the text in accordance with the intended goal: producing a workable grimoire - suitable for the modern occultist. The Book of Abrasax includes chapters on spacial, protective, amorous, wealth, curse, and transcendent operations.

Pages: 156
Language: English
Publisher: Nephilim Press
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